AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a video posted to Austin native and actor Glen Powell’s Instagram Tuesday, several Texas-based actors called on lawmakers to pass legislation that would make the state more film-friendly.

The caption on Powell’s video reads, “I’m a proud Texan and even more proud of Texas artists. My pals and I are here to tell you why film is good For Texas. And the rest of the world, I guess…but mostly Texas.”

Actors Powell, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Quaid, Owen Wilson, and Billy Bob Thornton appear in the video to promote Texas legislation aimed at incentivizing and improving the film industry in the state.

The actors talk about positive aspects of filmmaking in Texas, like how “Texas looks good on the big screen,” as Wilson put it. They also pointed out that the film industry brings money and jobs into the state.

The actors also say that funding for filmmaking in Texas has decreased over the years. Powell said it was because, “some people were led to believe that money was only going into the pockets of bigwig California movie producers and high-priced Hollywood actors.”

“But that wasn’t true,” the men said. They say the movies and shows, and jobs and economic growth that come with them, are migrating to other states.

Mindy Raymond, the communications director for Texas Media and Production Alliance, recently reflected that sentiment.

“So often right now, our Texas stories are being told in Oklahoma, or they’re being told in New Mexico – we see it time and again,” Raymond told KXAN earlier this month. “Now it’s time for those stories to be told in Texas. So we’re hoping that happens this session.”