AUSTIN (KXAN) — Youn can’t travel across Texas without seeing a billboard plastered with a smiling beaver at some point in your journey. Buc-ees has become synonymous with Texas road trips, and one super fan has made it his mission to visit all these giant rest stops in the lone star state.

Cody Esser, also known on his travel blog as Impulsive Traveler Guy, detailed his love for the pit stop chain and laid out his plan to see them all.

” I just came up with the idea out of the blue. Instead of just stopping at a Buc-ee’s on a regular road trip, I can make a road trip out of going to every single Buc-ee’s,” said Esser.

There are 33 Buc-ees in Texas, and Esser estimated that seeing everyone in Texas would take around 30-hours. He said the drive totaled 1,600 miles and was broken up across three days.

“Buc-ee’s isn’t just a gas station. It’s really a destination that adds more character to any road trip,” said Esser on his blog.

Originally from Wisconsin, Esser has lived in Austin for the last five years. He frequently will make the trip back home, but often makes side trips in his goal to discover new things.

Esser says whenever he is on a road trip if he sees a Buc-ees he will undoubtedly stop.

“The one thing I’ll give Buc-ee’s is they are amazingly consistent with their brand. Every restroom I visited was impeccably clean. The sheer amount of Buc-ee’s branded products is amazing. They are definitely a good case study on how a business can maintain its brand well,” said Esser.

Have you seen every Buc-ees in Texas yet?