Lubbock officials: Celebrations not reflective of community


LUBBOCK (KLBK/KXAN) — City officials are calling the actions of a group of students on Saturday, not representative of Texas Tech University or Lubbock. Videos show a group of fans burning Lime scooters and flipping over a car.

“The shenanigans of a few people is unfortunate, and we are better than that,” said Dan Pope, Mayor of Lubbock. “This is not who we are, that’s not West Texas, that’s not Lubbock.”

Cole Blaylock, a senior at Texas Tech University, said once he saw the crowd start to confront police, he stood by law enforcement’s side, trying to support officers.

“When it came to seeing people in a way that I thought was disrespectful to the police I felt that as antother bystander I should step in,” Blaylock said. “I just kept telling people to back off, give them their space, and to just not get in their way.”

Blaylock said he speaks for a majority of Texas Tech students when he says the championship will be “their chance to show the nation what Lubbock is really like.”

The Lubbock Police Department issued a statement saying they are investigating several incidents in hopes of charging the people responsible for the disturbances.

Texas Tech head coach Chris Beard said most Red Raider fans are celebrating in a responsible fashion, but a couple bad deeds ruin it for everyone.

“I hate that the actions of a select few are putting Lubbock in this light. We have core values. Let’s celebrate this, let’s enjoy this but let’s do it in the right way and a safe way,” Beard said.

Texas Tech players echoed similar statements to their head coach Sunday. They want a city to celebrate with when they get back from this amazing postseason run.

“Don’t burn down Lubbock before we can get back. Be safe. I just hope nobody gets hurt,” senior guard Matt Mooney said.

Texas Tech and Virginia tip off in the NCAA National Championship at 8:10 p.m. in Minneapolis.

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