AUSTIN (KXAN) –  The attorneys hired by the Texas House to investigate Attorney General Ken Paxton, leading to his impeachment, cost at least $14,198, according to invoices obtained by KXAN. 

Combined legal fees, travel reimbursement and lunches cost taxpayers $14,198.61, per legal records. There could be more invoices KXAN was not able to obtain. 

The team the House hired to investigate Paxton found that for years he had violated laws and ethical obligations to do favors for wealthy political donors. This inquiry led the House General Investigating Committee to bring 20 articles, or accusations, of impeachment against the AG. 

These fees only include the investigation prior to the House’s vote to impeach Paxton and not the cost of the two high-profile Houston Lawyers, Rusty Hardin and Dick DeGuerin, tapped to act as prosecutors in the case. The two “legal icons” will likely have a fairly steep price tag associated with their services. 

Both attorneys emphasized their desire to have a fair and transparent process focused on facts and not politics.

The Texas House voted 121-23 to impeach Paxton Saturday, May 27. The Texas Senate will hold the impeachment trial no later than Aug. 28.