AUSTIN (KXAN) — A new report from the Entertainment Software Association finds not only are more people playing video games, but it’s providing much needed jobs in states like Texas.

“In the state of Texas what that means is more than 25,000 jobs being created with an output of about $410 billion,” said Stanley Pierre-Louis, the CEO of Entertainment Software Association.

Texas ranks third behind Washington and California for economic impact from the video game industry, according to the report.

The group credits thriving international video game businesses located in Texas and a large pool of talent in Austin, as well.

“The University of Texas at Austin and other schools, they’ve got phenomenal programs that create opportunities for people to come into the industry in new and exciting ways,” said Pierre-Louis.

Pierre-Louis says learning to code and the emergence of E-Sports creates new opportunities for students.

“There are over 200 varsity programs across the country in E-Sports with scholarships,” Pierre-Louis said. “When you go into a school to learn about coding and even a bit of game design you may end up in a job at Lockheed Martin or other places where you’re talking about creating simulations and animation.”

Pierre-Louis also points to a recent study from Oxford University’s Internet Institute that found video games have a positive impact on kids when it comes to problem solving, mental stimulation and relaxation.