HOUSTON (KIAH) — Severe cases of Strep A infections in children are being reported throughout the country, including Texas.

Typical strep throat is common in children and adults, and it is usually pretty easy to identify and treat. But invasive streptococcal infections – that’s a different story.

Dr. David Winter of Baylor Scott and White Hospital said invasive strep involves a nasty skin infection, and it could affect our heart, lungs, and kidneys – even impacting our blood pressure.

“Let me first emphasize the importance of the relationship that a parent and a child has with a pediatrician for infections like this. You want to get some quick answers,” said Dr. Winter.

“Now, anything more than just a mild sore throat that would deserve a call. But if there’s fever, shortness of breath, chills, weakness, lightheadedness, confusion with any of those things, call your doctor or seek medical attention in the emergency department.”