AUSTIN (KXAN) – Hopping into a car on a day when temperatures have exceeded 100 degrees can rattle even the most unflappable among us. 

While undoubtedly uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous too. On warm days, cars can quickly heat to deadly levels, even with the windows partially down. 

For parents wanting to reduce heat levels so kids don’t burn themselves on car seats, KXAN meteorologist Kristen Currie shared a few tips. 

White towel 

Drape a white towel over darker-colored seats or car seats to keep them a little cooler, as black absorbs the most heat of any color

The towel can also prevent the seat buckle from heating up and burning your child. 

Cooling towels 

You might look into investing in cooling towels to take from your home to your car when headed out. These towels can remain cold for longer than cloth towels and can lower a person’s body temperature in extreme heat.

Sun Shades 

Keep sunshades and widow tints over the windows of your car. These devices block 90 to 95% of UV rays entering your vehicle, which will help keep your car seats cooler.