AUSTIN (KXAN) – As top Republicans in Texas show no signs of compromising over property taxes, one of the charges in the legislature’s first special session this year, lawmakers appear poised to return for yet another special session — or more, if needed.

“I will call special session after special session after special session until a solution is reached,” Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday.

How long is a special session?

In Texas, one special session is limited to a maximum of 30 days. As KXAN’s Monica Madden explained on Wednesday, both the Senate and House would have to adjourn or the first session run of time before Abbott can call a second session.

Why is another special session likely this year?

The Texas House adjourned indefinitely on the evening of May 30 on the first day of the special session after passing the two bills Abbott called on lawmakers to pass.

The Texas Senate has not passed the House version, and senators were still meeting as of June 7.

While both the House and Senate operate as separate entities, both chambers have to pass the same legislation before it can head to the governor’s desk to become law. Once the House adjourned the first special session sine die — or indefinitely — after passing the property tax bill and border security bill Abbott approved, it left the Senate with few options.

The Senate cannot amend House bills or pass its own bills without the House in session to approve the measures. Both Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and senators have expressed concerns with HB 1 and HB 2 — the property tax relief and human smuggling bills — saying they do not plan to pass those bills as written.

However, Patrick on Tuesday questioned the legitimacy of Speaker Dade Phelan’s move to adjourn and suggested it is possible for the lower chamber to return even after gaveling out sine die. He said both chambers have to approve the other’s move to adjourn sine die before ending a session.

What could other special sessions cover?

If the House and Senate cannot come to an agreement on the property tax and border security bills, they could have another session focused on those.

Madden also pointed out Abbott has said he’s hoping to bring lawmakers back to hash out school choice and school vouchers bills.