HOUSTON, Texas (KXAN) — The section of the menu boasts “Everything is Bigger in Texas,” and that includes the price of a fajita.

Guard and Grace, an originally Denver-based steakhouse opening a new restaurant in Houston, is selling “Millionaire Fajitas” for $400. Ingredients include “24 oz w black wagyu ribeye, oak charred peppers and onions, black garlic huitlacoche steak sauce, guacamole, green chile enchiladas, refried beans, rice, gold flake tortillas.” The menu says diners should plan on waiting 45 minutes for the plate.

The fajitas are only on Guard and Grace’s Houston menu. Most of its steaks cost less than $100, but it also offers a “Filet Flight” for $105.

CNN affiliate KTRK spoke to the restaurant’s owner and chef, Troy Guard, who said the fajitas are “worth every penny.”

Guard and Grace announced last year that it would start a second location in Houston’s Allen Center. Originally, it was slated for a summer 2019 opening.

Guard said he worked 16-hour days, six days a week to get everything ready for the restaurant’s opening Nov. 19. He also made trips to Houston for the past four years to get a feel for the city.

“What’s special about Houston is the people,” Guard said. “I mean, I know that sounds cliché, everywhere has great people in different cities, but we’ve really taken a liking.”