LOCKHART, Texas (Nexstar) — The price of everything is going up, and restaurants across Texas are trying to keep up.

Some are having to raise menu prices.

Even at one of the most established barbecue places around, known in Texas for almost 100 years, inflation cuts deep at Black’s in Lockhart.

“We’ve tried to do our best to be fair to the customer, and still be fair to our staff,” said Kent Black, owner of Black’s. “And we’ve done our best to moderate those prices the best we can.”

Black said their wholesale prices for goods have gone up 17% in the last year with beef and other meat costing the most. Within the last year, Black said they’ve asked customers to pay $1-2 more.

Other restaurants are going even higher.

“If you’re going in to get a burger, fries and a beer, it’s going to average out to be 25% more than it was for restaurants just a short time ago,” Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Customer Experience at SpotOn, Kevin Bryla, said.

SpotOn is a payment technology and software company that partners with thousands of businesses across the country — including hundreds of restaurants in Texas. It’s been able to collect data, and according to the company, on average Texans were spending $31 on a meal from October 2021-April 2022.

SpotOn data shows beer is up 29%. However, tips are up 35%.

SpotOn has a list of recommendations for businesses dealing with inflation.

“Really try and be smart about how you layer in a price increase to better understand and educate your customers about the why and not hit them with too much change at once,” SpotOn said.

Bryla also encourages consumers to continue supporting their local businesses.

“The last two, three years had been rough — like any restaurant person would tell you — but we battled through it,” Black said. “Very thankful and full of gratitude for our 90-years worth of customers.”

Many businesses are still working to recover pandemic losses. According to SpotOn, more people are continuing to eat out, compared to the beginning of the pandemic.