AUSTIN (KXAN) — Many Texas colleges and universities have already begun classes for the unique first new semester during the COVID-19 pandemic — and the numbers of positive cases have started rolling in.

Here are the numbers of coronavirus cases for a few Lone Star State institutions (which include total positive cases overall, some are considered recovered), according to a recent New York Times article, in addition to the school COVID-19 dashboards:

University of Texas Austin

1,722 cases

The UT Austin COVID-19 Dashboard shows that since June, there have been 1,411 student cases and 178 faculty/staff cases.

St. Edward’s University

7 cases

St. Edward’s University updates its COVID-19 cases on a weekly basis on its online dashboard.

Back in July, St. Edward’s announced it would mail COVID-19 test kits to all students and staff before their arrival through a partnership with Austin-area Everlywell.

Austin Community College district

26 cases

ACC has its own COVID-19 Dashboard.

Texas State University

885 cases

The Texas State COVID-19 Dashboard shows updated numbers.

Southwestern University

31 cases

Texas A&M University

2,459 cases

Texas A&M keeps track of cases on its COVID-19 Dashboard.

Baylor University

1,280 cases

Baylor University updates its COVID-19 Dashboard each day.

University of Texas at San Antonio

41 cases

Stephen F. Austin University

433 cases

University of Houston

365 cases

The University of Houston has its own COVID-19 page.

Texas Tech University

2,467 cases

As of Sept. 4, Texas Tech University’s COVID-19 Dashboard shows the cases include 607 students and 43 employees.

For some of the above numbers, case numbers are only as recent Nov. 5, which is the currently available data and is reported by the NYT. Where indicated, the case numbers are as indicated by the school’s COVID-19 dashboard and its latest reported numbers.

The New York Times reports that as of Nov. 5, there are over 252,000 cases at over 1,600 institutions in the U.S.