WACO, Texas — A GoFundMe account raising money to pay defense bills for Fort Hood Soldier Sergeant Daniel Perry has been taken down.

A Grand Jury indicted Perry this summer on felony murder, deadly conduct, and aggravated assault charges in the death of Austin protester Garrett Foster.

Attorney Clint Broden says his client was acting out of self-defense the night he shot and killed Foster.

“This is going to be costly for him to defend himself. I really don’t know why GoFundMe took it down. It’s been operating since back in July or August of 2020 I believe,” Broden said.

Broden says the page has been taken down with no explanation.

“They must have been contacted by Garrett Fosters family, or friends, or supporters and were convinced to take it down I guess,” Broden said.

FOX 44 reached out to Garrett’s family about Broden’s allegations but we have not heard back at this time.

According to the GoFundMe terms of service, raising money for the legal defense of a violent crime is prohibited.

Broden says they did not contact the company about the page being taken down, instead the family created an alternative page on GoGetFunding that has since raised close to $18,000.

“People have been contributing to that so it’s unfortunate, but people do have a way to contribute if they want to support his legal defense,” Broden said.

He says they have a conference with the judge on Dec. 15 for next steps regarding the case.