KXAN’s Friendsgiving Challenge: Back for year two! For three weeks in November leading up to Thanksgiving, your favorite morning and evening meteorologists compete to see who can raise more money for the Central Texas Food Bank. Will 2022 be a repeat of 2021 with Team Kristen winning again? Or is it Team David’s turn to win?

AUSTIN (KXAN) — The race to raise the most money for The Central Texas Food Bank is back on for 2022. Join KXAN meteorologists David Yeomans and Kristen Currie as they go head-to-head for three weeks in November — all for a great cause.

And you can play a part! Pick a team (Team Kristen or Team David) donate what you can and watch the live, interactive graph on KXAN.com reflect the results of your generosity!

The competition begins Nov. 1 and ends the day before Thanksgiving, and no matter which KXAN meteorologist raises the most money overall, our Central Texas community is the real winner.

Can’t see the donate buttons? Click here to donate for Team Kristen and here to donate for Team David.

Hunger by the numbers

The Central Texas Food Bank does more than just provide food for families in need through nearly 300 community partners. It also educates about healthy eating and assists families in applying for federal assistance programs.

The food bank serves more than 60,000 people every week throughout 21 counties in Central Texas. And, because of its partners and the scale at which it operates, it’s able to stretch donations into more food than one person can buy at the store for the same amount. That’s how it’s able to take even $1 and turn it into four meals.

According to the Central Texas Food Bank:

  • 1 in 4-5 children in Central Texas are at risk of hunger
  • 1 in 7 people in Central Texas are at risk of hunger
  • 93% of food bank clients are not homeless
  • 64% of households it serves have at least one working adult