FORT HOOD, TX — Folks across the country are talking about the murder of Specialist Vanessa Guillen after top ranking fort hood officers confirmed her remains.

But Guillen was one of many soldiers killed during their tour on Fort Hood.

In the last year, five soldiers have died violent deaths in Central Texas.

The mural in Killeen paying tribute to specialist Vanessa Guillen has been drawing dozens by the day.

Several folks can be seen stopping by to lay flowers, balloons, and candles in the late soldier’s honor.

But featured at the feet of the mural is a picture of Gregory Wedel-Morales, another Fort Hood soldier who disappeared from the post.

After almost a year, authorities found his remains last month.

Killeen police tell FOX 44 that his case remains active at this hour.

Morales like Guillen knew as a child he someday wanted to be a soldier and that dream turned into a nightmare for his family

‘”The whole military promise is basically that your children are going to be apart of this big family and everybody is going to take care of everybody and that just doesn’t happen,” Kim Wedel, his mother said.

The family of Morales isn’t alone when it comes to being left without answers in the death of soldier they love dearly.

Killeen Police Department and Harker Heights PD confirmed they have pending investigations involving 5 other soldiers killed just this year.

20-year-old Shelby Tyler Jones was shot in Killeen near Fort Hood Street on March 1.

23-year-old Shaquan Allred and Freddy Delacruz were killed in an over night shooting in Killeen.

Police found their bodies along with another individual overnight in mid-March.

Harker heights police are investigating the murder of 27-year-old Brandon Rosecrans who was shot and killed and his vehicle left on fire in May.

Only 1 arrest was made in all of the cases combined including that of Specialist Vanessa Guillen’s.

“Its frustrating that there haven’t been any arrests made in anything else. Its just nothing. You don’t hear anything about Greg. Nothing about Brandon. Is that what it takes? Is a lawyer and publicity to beat the army up to get answers? I mean we can all do that,” Wedel said.

The family of Gregory Wedel-Morales says that lack of justice coupled with a lack of transparency is serious cause for concern adding that Fort Hood needs to do a better job of ensuring safety for their younger soldiers on and off post.

“Fort Hood needs to know that my son’s life mattered to many people. They need to show the same care and concern for every soldier that’s missing from that place and more concern for those that are still there,” said Wedel.

Fox 44 reached out to Fort Hood’s Public Affairs office to get an update on their current investigations involving the deaths of the soldiers and received no response.