AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Friday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas announced a new 6-Day Forecast on the Supply and Demand dashboard that will provide Texans with an extended view of upcoming grid conditions.

“Like an extended weather forecast, the new 6-Day Forecast dashboard provides an indication of future conditions on the grid for 6 days beyond the current operating day,” says Dan Woodfin, ERCOT Vice President of System Operations.

ERCOT said while the forecasts may change, the dashboard provides a general “heads-up” on the trends based on known information.

“The Supply and Demand dashboard displays ERCOT system’s current power supply (capacity) and demand using Real-Time data, as well as projected power supply (capacity) and demand from hourly forecasts and other best-available sources,” the corporation said.

ERCOT said the new dashboard is accessible from the Grid and Market Conditions page.