AUSTIN (Nexstar) — At the beginning of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’ board of directors meeting Tuesday, ERCOT said the grid is ready to handle the upcoming cold front forecast later this week.

“We expect to have sufficient generation available and it shouldn’t be any problem. It’ll probably be a little more than what we saw on Jan. 3, but somewhat in that same range,” vice president of system operations Dan Woodfin said Tuesday.

Woodfin went on to explain peak demand is expected Friday morning.

“We expect the demand on Thursday night to be about 60,000 megawatts, be up to about 61,000 on Friday morning,” Woodfin said.

That’s nowhere near the nearly 74,000 megawatts of demand Texas saw during the February freeze last year.

Ahead of this winter, power generators were required to weatherize their equipment, as part of new legislation passed in the spring in response to the grid’s failure in February.

Chairman Peter Lake of the Public Utility Commission, which oversees ERCOT, also added Tuesday that several other legislative changes are enabling grid operations to be more reliable this winter.

“In the past, the ancillary services reserve level was set predetermined a year in advance, and never change, which you can you can imagine multiple flaws in that logic,” Chairman Lake said.

“One of the changes [ERCOT] made is establishing a process to evaluate real-time conditions like we’re doing now, so that if we do have volatile weather on the horizon, as we’ll have later this week, ERCOT’s in the position to procure additional reserves. So we have an even greater margin of safety going into the period of volatile weather,” Lake said.

You can monitor real-time grid conditions here.