AUSTIN (KXAN) — As high temperatures and electrical demand persist throughout Texas and the possibility of lower energy reserves lingers, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas is extending its weather watch through Aug. 11.

Grid conditions are projected to remain normal throughout the weather watch, per an ERCOT release. ERCOT officials added they’re monitoring conditions and “will deploy all available tools to manage the grid, continuing a reliability-first approach to operations.”

So what, exactly, is a weather watch? According to ERCOT, this is an “earlier (approximately 3-5 days ahead) notification of forecasted significant weather and high demand.”

When one is issued, ERCOT recommended people to monitor the grid conditions, but it does not indicate an emergency situation — that’s what its emergency alerts do.

ERCOT advised people to sign up for grid condition notifications online, or monitor both real-time and extended conditions on ERCOT’s website. Texans can also keep up to date on grid conditions via ERCOT Emergency Alerts.