ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — Parents in Elgin ISD sid they were shocked to see spoiled milk being served to their kids in school cafeterias.

“Just seeing it grosses me out,” an Elgin ISD parent who wished to remain anonymous told KXAN.

Parents in the district reached out to KXAN after they said there have been multiple issues with spoiled milk. One video shows a student pouring slimy milk onto his plate in the cafeteria.

Screengrab of milk poured onto a cafeteria tray. Elgin ISD parents tell KXAN the milk is spoiled. (Photo: KXAN ReportIt)

“The date appears to be good, but the milk has a bad taste,” a parent in the district said to KXAN.

“He has felt sick, he has come home feeling sick, I told him to stop drinking the milk altogether just to avoid this, but my concern is that there are other kids, other parents that are not aware of what is going on,” a parent said.

KXAN reached out to Elgin ISD who confirms there is an issue involving the quality of milk cartons supplied by their dairy vendor.

Elgin ISD sent an email to parents notifying them of the issue:

Dear Elgin ISD Parents and Staff,

Elgin ISD is committed to the safety and well-being of our students and staff.

In the interest of open communication with our community, we wish to notify you of an issue involving the quality of milk cartons supplied by our dairy vendor.

Elgin ISD Child Nutrition Services was recently informed of possible premature spoilage of milk with March 2023 expiration dates. Out of an abundance of caution, cartons with March dates were immediately isolated and replaced with cartons containing April dates.

We have confirmed at least one other area school district has reported a similar situation, which was tied to its vendor. We will continue to investigate the matter further.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the EISD Child Nutrition Department at 512-281-9755.


Elgin ISD Communications

Hiland Dairy who supplies dairy to the Elgin ISD said it is addressing the issue. The company said it picked up all the affected milk, the statement reads.

Hiland Dairy Foods said the product was made by a co-packer partner and that partner “found an issue with one of their half-pint-carton-filling machines.”

You can read the fellow statement below: