AUSTIN (KXAN) — Several Texas consumers have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all statewide consumers who have purchased eggs during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that retailers and suppliers drove up the price to capitalize while demand was high.

According to the lawsuit, several plaintiffs experienced inflated prices as several retailers, including Walmart, Albertson’s and Texas-based H-E-B.

The lawsuit alleges that the price of eggs tripled in Texas between the onset of the pandemic and March 30, during which time a price for a dozen of generic eggs rose from around $1 to $3 per dozen.

Retailers and suppliers named in the lawsuit, according to the attorneys, are collectively being named, though they may not all have done anything. Claims will have to be verified.

“Because it is impossible for consumers… to obtain information concerning the secretive process of price-setting, this lawsuit does not assert that each and every defendant engaged in price-gouging,” the lawsuit states. “Rather, plaintiffs assert that, at a minimum, some of these defendants did so.”

The lawsuit says that retailers and suppliers violated natural disaster laws, which prohibit attempting to profit from a disaster.

Consumers who purchased eggs in Texas that were sold or distributed, produced or handled by any of the defendants are being represented in the lawsuit.