ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — A man, who was arrested in Abilene Tuesday, was identified as a suspect in a recent robbery by the wrapper of a package of donuts he’s accused of stealing.

31-year-old Wyman Burson, of Winters, Texas, was arrested Tuesday morning, following a robbery attempt at a 7-Eleven on South 14th Street.

Court documents state that 30 minutes before Burson attempted to rob a 7-Eleven’s South 14th Street location, he hit up another 7-Eleven on South 11th Street and Treadaway Boulevard.

In the documents, the investigating officer reported Burson’s actions from the store clerk’s witness at the South 11th location. He said Burson asked for money from the clerk and ran out of the store when he was denied the cash. The officer included that Burson did not show a weapon but kept his hands in his pockets during the interaction. The witness told police Burson drove away in a red Pontiac Sunfire.

At the South 14th 7-Eleven location, Burson again demanded money from the clerk, the documents included. This time, Burson showed the clerk a can of pepper spray but was also denied the money. He stole a package of donuts as he ran out of the store and drove off in the same vehicle.

“Detectives with the Abilene Police Department became aware of these robberies and in looking into the information determined that the vehicle and description matched a suspect of a previous Robbery at a local western wear store located at the 3000 block of Southwest Dr,” the documents explain.

About a week-and-a-half earlier, Burson was caught on surveillance video, according to court documents, at Farm & Ranch Western Wear, when his payment was declined. Upon the card being handed back by the cashier, Burson was seen using “force” to take the merchandise without paying.

When police responded to the call at Farm & Ranch Western Wear on Jan. 28, they reported that Burson injured the cashier while taking the merchandise from her, allegedly almost ripping off one of her fingernails.

The cashier reported giving Burson’s description to police and advised that he drove away in a red vehicle.

Police said the declined payment card is still outstanding.

Burson’s vehicle was later located at a home in the 1400 block of Sycamore Street by members of the Surveillance Apprehension and Tactics Team (SATT). This is where Burson was placed under arrest.

After his arrest, Burson was found still in possession of the pepper spray can used to intimidate the clerk at the 7-Eleven store on South 14th Street.

According to the report, SATT was given consent, by the homeowner, to search the home. In plain sight, was a wrapper on the living room floor, of the package of donuts Burson made off with at the South 14th Street 7-Eleven.

The Abilene Police Department seized Burson’s vehicle to prevent any destruction of evidence.

Wyman Burson remains in the Taylor County Jail on a Surety Bond in the amount of $250,000.