AUSTIN (Nexstar) — The Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator from Texas hosted a virtual roundtable with parents from the Lone Star State to highlight the education challenges families are facing during the pandemic.

MJ Hegar, a combat veteran from Round Rock, seeks to oust John Cornyn from the seat he’s held since 2003.

During Friday’s meeting with Texas moms, Hegar said it was important for her to highlight the experiences of everyday Texans, particularly relating to health care and education.

“I used to be in aircraft maintenance and it’s another one of those jobs that you only notice when somebody is not doing it well,” Hegar said. “And we don’t pay attention enough when the amazing work that teachers are doing.”

Blair Taylor, a full-time working mom of three, expressed concern for the way she believes state and federal leaders have responded to the pandemic.

Taylor said her kindergartner only has one hour of live teacher time each day.

“The one hour of live instruction today is not enough,” she said.

“Online stuff is so hard because I get that they don’t want these five year olds in front of screens all the time,” Taylor said. “But I think being in front of a screen with a live teacher is a different experience than watching.”

Cornyn held a press event Friday highlighting the Senate passage of legislation he authored that authorizes federal grants for training to help identify and prevent child sexual abuse.