AUSTIN (KXAN) — Country music legend and well-documented cannabis aficionado, Willie Nelson, introduced a hemp-infused coffee bean as the first product in his health and wellness line, “Willie’s Remedy.” 

The coffee is infused with “certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado” and the coffee is sourced from smallholder farms in Colombia. The brand is pegged to sell “non-intoxicating hemp-based products.” 

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Nelson’s wife, Annie, curates the brand that will roll out more “hemp-based health and wellness products” this year. In 2015, the couple introduced “Willie’s Reserve,” a cannabis brand which taps licensed cultivators for their legal, medical and adult-use cannabis products. 

The company claims when brewed properly, each eight-ounce cup of Willie’s Remedy coffee will contain seven milligrams of hemp-derived CBD. The product comes with a hefty $36 price tag and best practices for brewing so consumers can get the full intended effect.

“All Willie’s Remedy products are infused with full-spectrum hemp oil made from crops organically grown by American farmers. Other products in development include confections, vaporizable hemp oils and topicals,” the company wrote in a press release. 

You can buy the coffee online on Nelson’s website