WACO, Texas — Vandalizing and stealing school property – this is supposedly a part of a new TikTok challenge across the U.S.

The Waco Independent School District Police Department says they are proactively warning the community of this destructive challenge before it impacts local schools.

The “Devious Lick” challenge has started trending on TikTok after students recorded themselves taking and destroying items from the school – ranging from sanitizer dispensers, mirrors and class projectors – all for views and likes.

The district learned of the destructive behavior Tuesday night from the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, and says they are taking a proactive approach.

Waco ISD Police Chief David Williams II says they are encouraging students not to get involved in the challenge, and to make the right choices.

“I think that if we get the entire village involved, then we can prevent a lot of things from happening,” Williams said. “A lot of parents don’t know what their children are doing on social media sites, so I think if we can get just a little bit more of awareness with the parents.”

The Waco ISD PD made a post on Facebook saying:

“Hello Waco ISD students and parents, We are aware of the TicTok Challenge, ‘Devious Lick’. Parents, please encourage your student not to get involved in this destructive behavior. Students make no mistake, if you participate in this challenge and destroy any Waco ISD property you will be held accountable. We must not fall into the stereotype of how we are seen. We must rise above this and set the example of how we take pride in our school district. If you want a challenge, I challenge each of you to do the right thing. Remember we are Waco ISD and we don’t follow trends, we set them! Do what’s right. I believe in you!”

FOX 44 reached out to NEISD Executive Director of Communications Audrey Chancellor, who said the poor decision of some students damaging property has caused an inconvenience for other students and employees.

The NEISD statement reads:

“Students have stolen items, damaged property and caused a huge inconvenience for other students and employees. Fortunately, it’s just a handful of students who have chosen to make some poor decisions.”

“This is a criminal offense if you are participating in this challenge and doing this,” Williams said. “With Waco ISD, you will be given the consequences that you deserve for your actions.”

Williams says the dollar value of the offense depends on the damage done to the school’s property. He says the minimum punishment can be a $500 fine, and the maximum can by five to 99 years in prison.

“A lot of these challenges are trending, but here’s the thing – don’t follow the trend,” Williams said. “You be a trendsetter and do the right thing. Waco ISD, we believe in you.”

Waco ISD has not had any cases associated with the “Devious Lick” challenge.

Other media outlets say TikTok has blocked the hashtag #deviouslicks, saying the videos and images violate the community guidelines.

When FOX 44 looked on Wednesday afternoon, it was still up on TikTok.