BELL COUNTY, Texas — The Bell County Grand Jury indicted Cedric Marks for Capital Murder Wednesday afternoon.

He is accused of killing Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin in January, and then fleeing to Michigan.

“The process will take a while, but we definitely are. We have good days and bad days of course, but we are healing,” said Jonathan Scott, Jenna Scott’s father.

“I hope that the DA is planning on pursuing the death penalty, that’s pretty much what’s on my mind right now,” said Scott.

Michigan Police arrested Marks, 44, on January 8 for a burglary warrant out of Temple. He escaped custody in Conroe while being extradited to Bell County.

Deputies then announced Marks was facing murder charges for the death of Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin.

“He’s indicted, he’s, of course, he’s still not found, you know he’s got to be found guilty by a grand jury and if the evidence supports it and he’s found guilty, I hope he’s tried to the full extent of the law,” said Scott.

The two friends disappeared from Temple on January 4, and their bodies were found in Oklahoma on January 9. 

“There will always be a void, you know, our new reality is pretty hard to adjust to,” said Scott. “It’s taken its toll, we rely on our faith and our love for one another and we just keep moving forward, Jenna would have wanted that, and so would have Michael.”

Marks attorney for the burglary charge asked to withdraw, and the judge granted the motion. This means Marks will have a new attorney assigned in that case.

“I hope that they prove that they have enough, that the evidence is valid, it’s a solid case and that they are able to move forward, the DA is able to move forward and pursue the death penalty,” said Scott.