AUSTIN (KXAN)The first-of-its-kind mobile cannabis dispensary in Texas will hit the road in October for a tour to educate people on the state’s medical cannabis program.

Headquartered in Austin, goodblend is one of only three medical cannabis operators licensed to operate in Texas. On Wednesday, the medical marijuana dispensary launched its “Ride For Your Rights” CannaBus Tour.

Terrence Baugh is a patient advocate for goodblend who operates the CannaBus, a 36-foot vehicle that includes a private consultation room and medical cannabis product displays.

“The bus is definitely a rolling billboard,” he said. “It’s also an opportunity to educate patients and customers all across the state.”

The tour hopes to energize medical cannabis supporters in the state and educate Texans interested in getting their medical cannabis prescription.

“What we’re looking to do is bring folks in who aren’t aware of the program and make sure that they understand that this is an issue that involves all Texans,” Baugh said.

Reece Fulgham is the CEO of Parallel —goodblend’s parent company — that operates around 50 cannabis dispensaries across four states.

“I believe that Texans have the right to avail themselves to all the benefits of cannabis,” he said.

Fulgham believes tons of Texans don’t realize they’re eligible for medical marijuana after House Bill 1535 became a state law last year.

It added post-traumatic stress disorder to a list of qualifying conditions while doubling the amount of THC allowed in cannabis products from half of a percent to 1%.

According to Parallel’s research, there are now 5 million eligible applicants for the Texas Compassionate Use Program. However, only 34,000 Texans are enrolled in the program.

“It is legal if you get a prescription,” Fulgham said. “There are doctors that will write your prescription if you’re suffering from any number of ailments.”

The “Ride For Your Rights” CannaBus Tour will officially kick off in San Angelo, Texas, on Oct. 4, making subsequent stops in Abilene, Fort Worth, Plano, Nacogdoches, Houston and San Antonio before culminating on Oct. 20 in Killeen.

“We’re going to areas that aren’t typically the big cities in Texas,” Baugh said. “We’re trying to engage those customers to make sure that they’re aware that this is available.”

A kickoff event will take place Wednesday at 11 a.m. at Ani’s Day and Night Bar on East Riverside.

There will be free food, drinks, gift bags being handed out and opportunities for the public to ask questions about medical cannabis.

To get qualified as a TCUP patient for one of the 150+ conditions currently approved, you can visit goodblend’s website.