HOUSTON (KXAN) — The gas station known for having clean amenities and beaver nuggets is expanding with a new feature for electric vehicles, according to a news release from Buc-ee’s.

Buc-ee’s is partnering with Mercedes-Benz HPC North America to launch a network of premium charging stations for electric vehicles at the majority of Buc-ee’s travel centers across the country. Already breaking ground on some locations, Mercedes-Benz HPC NA plans to open the key markets by the end of the year and a total of 31 hubs by the end of 2024.

“Buc-ee’s values people and partnerships,” said Buc-ee’s General Counsel Jeff Naldo in the release. “Our new collaboration with Mercedes-Benz HPC North America will continue our traditions of elevated customer convenience and excellent service that have won the hearts, trust and business of millions in the south for more than 40 years.”

The majority of Buc-ee’s locations are in Texas, however since 2019 the gas station has spread to 12 other locations across the country including Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee, with more coming in other states.

This partnership represents a strategic goal for Mercedes-Benz in expanding the EV charging experience in North America to allow easy access for drivers, according to the company press release. The placement of EV charging hubs will be available to drivers along well traveled routes in the south and southeast, including the Texas Triangle, I-75 and I-95.

The hubs support sustainable charging, using 100% renewable energy, so that Mercedes-Benz meets the practical and quality needs of EV drivers, according to the company press release.

“Within a remarkably short period, we’ve made significant strides towards opening several charging hubs at Buc-ee’s travel centers,” said President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz HPC NA, Andrew Cornelia. “Buc-ee’s strategic locations along major travel routes, combined with their commitment to clean and accessible amenities, aligns perfectly with our vision. Together, we’re not only providing exceptional value but also redefining the EV charging experience for drivers nationwide.”