WACO, Texas (FOX 44) – Creative artists in Central Texas came together to support one another and raise awareness towards mental health and suicide prevention.

The Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network collaborated with the Music + Art = Positive Digital Magazine so more people could hear about mental health and how to combat suicidal thoughts.

“Tell somebody, it doesn’t hurt. It hurts a lot less when we speak out and let someone know,” says Verlyn Johson Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network spokesperson.

The event was Waco’s first-ever 8-way art conference, with music, theatre, dance, poetry, culinary arts, cinema, graphical arts and illustrative arts.

“What inspired me to do this was just seeing that everybody stays in their lane for the most part. Nothing wrong with that. But nothing spectacular happens that way. You get some people who aren’t normally in the same circle together that’s going to draw people together will make a lot of noise and to be a bigger pop,” says event organizer Michael Stone.

This family-friendly event during a large crowd to celebrate diverse art and create a greater awareness for mental health.