AUSTIN (KXAN) — On Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to urge the Texas District & County Attorneys Association to increase the lie-and-try prosecutions.

In May 2021, Abbott signed a lie-and-try bill making it a state jail felony to falsify information on a background check form to illegally purchase and acquire a firearm.

In the letter, Abbott suggested TDCAA executive director Robert Kepple highlight the lie-and-try law as a new tool for Texas prosecutors and provide training for prosecutors and investigators regarding best practices for prosecuting such offenses.

“Texas is committed to keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous people who cannot lawfully possess them,” reads the letter. “The tragic shooting in Uvalde compels us to redouble those efforts.”

Abbott said the federal government rarely prosecutes lie-and-try offenses.

“Aggressive enforcement of Texas’s new lie-and-try law can help pick up the slack and deter felons, drug addicts, people facing mental health challenges, and certain dangerous individuals from obtaining firearms when they are prohibited by law from doing so,” Abbott said in the letter.