AUSTIN (KXAN) — Gov. Greg Abbott’s office announced another $38 million for Operation Lone Star on the Southern border.

The governor and other leaders were at the border this weekend to observe wall construction the state started.

During a press conference at the border, the governor claimed uncontrolled illegal immigration at the border has resulted in more than 1.2 million people being apprehended. Abbott said people aren’t only illegally immigrating from Mexico but are using the Texas border to get in from several countries across the globe, including China and Russia.

The new allotment includes $19.5 million for special equipment; $16 million for additional overtime and pay, including for court personnel; and some $800,000 for travel costs from non-border counties to send personnel to the border.

The governor’s public safety office has awarded $74.8 million in funds to cities and counties near the Texas-Mexico border since the operation launched in March 2021. 

“From deterring illegal immigration, to preventing the smuggling of drugs and weapons, to curtailing human trafficking, the deployment of resources and personnel needed to arrest and jail criminals along the border is imperative to our comprehensive border security strategy under Operation Lone Star,” Abbott said in a statement.