LUBBOCK, Texas — The Haven Animal Care Shelter currently houses the longest resident. Chance is an American Staffordshire Terrier and a Pit Bull Terrier Mix and has been at The Haven for seven years. 

“She’s as sweet as she can be, I think she just wants to sit in somebody’s lap,” said Dr. Brenda Wilbanks, director and founder of The Haven Animal Care Shelter. 

Chance arrived at The Haven in 2015 after she was pulled away from a dog fight that left her with a damaged jaw. 

“She had her jaw just hanging down and you could tell by looking at it that she’d have to have surgery and some extensive vet care,” said Dr. Wilbanks. 

The events left Chance shy and cautious around new people, a main reason why The Haven believes she has been overlooked the past seven years. 

“You don’t know what they could turn out to be, you just see a very shy dog and that just doesn’t appeal to some people,” said Dr. Wilbanks. 

The Haven believes Chance’s potential adopters need to be patient in letting her gain trust and would need to live in a quiet home. 

“She needs somebody to take her on outings and take her wherever and get her hamburgers and ice cream, that’s what people do for some of our other dogs,” said Dr. Wilbanks. 

Shelter dogs normally arrive anxious and weary of their new surroundings. 

“They can start with a difficult situation, even be hurt badly and can get well and can heal,” said Dr. Wilbanks. 

Chance has yet to experience what it’s like to live outside of a kennel but The Haven is hoping that someone can help find her a home.

“Dogs can change and we need to try to give these animals a second chance and even if they seem shy or anxious they can be the best pet anybody ever had,” said Dr. Wilbanks. 

For more information on how to adopt Chance you can find her profile here or you can find more information on The Haven Facebook page.