AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, or TOSA, announced record-breaking numbers of people who donated organs in 2022 in the state.

There were a total of 280 organ donors who “gave the gift of life” last year, despite continued challenges from COVID-19, TOSA said.

TOSA is an organ procurement organization that provides organ donation and recovery services for Central and South Texans. It helped provide 829 transplants for patients in need, which was a 47% increase from 2018.

2022: a year of life saving milestones. 280 donor heros, 829 organs translanted, 148 registered donors
Record year for organ donation in Central and South Texas (Courtesy Texas Organ Sharing Alliance)

“I am humbled by the generosity of donor heroes and their families who chose to give the gift of life,” said TOSA President & CEO Joseph Nespral. “A heartfelt thank you to all our hospital and community partners for their support and trust to see our vision and to save more lives through the power of organ donation.”

In addition, TOSA celebrated Donate Life Texas, or DLT, the nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Texans document their donation decision, for increasing the donor registry. DLT reached a record 14 million registered organ, eye and tissue donors in 2022.

In 2022, TOSA said its strategic plan incorporated its core values: teamwork, knowledge and innovation to help shape the donation culture and inspire others to discover the possibilities of organ donation and transplantation. Some of these strategies included:

  • Empowering Latinos in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo through outreach and education campaigns such as Da Esperanza, Da Vida (Give Hope, Give Life)
  • Improving processes using research to test new heart transportation instruments with Vascular Perfusion Solutions
  • Harnessing new technology to test drones and optimize organ transplantation with the Matador UAS Consortium.

People can sign up to become a registered organ donor at People also have the option to sign up when they receive or renew their driver’s licenses, register their vehicles or apply for a hunting or fishing license in Texas.