Bell County (FOX 44/KWKT) — The woman accused of throwing soup into the face of a Temple restaurant employee pleaded nolo contendre or no contest to an assault charge on Friday.

A judge sentenced Amanda Martinez to 15 months deferred adjudication and six days of jail work release. That means Martinez will work for the county during that time instead of being held in a cell.

Martinez must also pay an $800 fine and cover court costs.

In November of 2021, a surveillance camera caught Martinez throwing soup into the face of Sol De Jalisco Manager Janelle Browland’s face.

Browland told FOX 44 News that Martinez called the restaurant to complain about how the plastic lifted from her to-go container and melted into the soup. Browland says when Martinez returned to the restaurant, the woman threw it into her face.

Richard Lazott of the Bell County Attorney’s Office said that during Friday’s hearing, Martinez asked for the chance to apologize to Browland for her actions, which she did. Lazott says the court did not require that.