Texas transgender girl, 8, says she shouldn’t be forced to use bathroom with boys

Tristan Reyna, transgender 8 year old in Brownsville, Texas (KVEO photo)_485613

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) – Senate Bill 6, or the bathroom bill, has supporters and opponents at odds.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the controversial bill would be on the special session agenda.

A third-grade student has a simple message for lawmakers.

“I was born with a body of a boy, but in my heart, my spirit says I’m a girl so I shouldn’t be forced to share a bathroom with the boys,” said Tristan Reyna.

Tristan was 2 years old when she discovered she was a girl.  At age 8, she is an average, active student who enjoys acting and going to the beach.

She played Nala, a female lion, in the play Lion King before school ended. Prior to that, she played Alice in Alice In Wonderland. Tristan and her grandmother Elizabeth Watson are asking lawmakers for equality.

“As intelligent people they can come up some simple solutions,” Watson said, adding things should stay the way they are.

“Especially if there are not documented crimes committed by [transgender] people,” she said.

Senate Bill 6 would in part require a transgender person to use a bathroom that matches their “biological sex”.

“They have needs and one of those needs is going to the bathroom,” Watson said.

Tristan’s family supports and advocates for her.

“We’re being visible, we’re not trying to hide, on the contrary, be proud of who you are,” she said.

Tristan is typically a happy-go-lucky girl, but she has one plea for lawmakers.

“I don’t want to be a boy so are you don’t want to be forced to use the bathroom the boys bathroom no I don’t want to use the boys bathroom.”

The bathroom bill had father and son politicians, Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. and Representative Eddie Lucio III at odds when the younger Lucio publicly disagreed with his father’s support of the bill.

“I did so because there was some confusion as to which Eddie Lucio was voting for or against the bill,” Lucio III said in an interview with KVEO Marlane Rodriguez.

Lucio said the comments on Facebook were evenly divided with support and opposition, he still believes the bill is unnecessary.

“In the transgender community there are some vulnerable people,” Lucio III said, adding that their safety should be a priority.

Opponents of the bill say they are ready for “round two” over the debate about the bathroom bill.

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