AUSTIN (KXAN) — The latest push for school safety isn’t just targeting guns, it is also focusing on dangerous drugs like fentanyl.

Round Rock ISD is taking a proactive approach to the nationwide opioid epidemic.

The district has teamed up with The Williamson County EMS Community Health Paramedic program and Public Education program to make Narcan more available to staff, students or visitors on campus.

“I think being proactive can be a good thing,” said Keryn Hawthorne who has two kids in Round Rock ISD. “I can’t see a downside to having it in schools”

Narcan is used for the emergency treatment for an opioid overdose.

“I think the concern is out there and we just want to stay ahead of it,” said George Scherer with RRISD. “Currently all of our nurses, police officers and athletic trainers are equipped with Narcan.”

Amy Jarosek with Williamson County EMS says having it on every campus is important, even elementary and middle schools.

“Maybe it is not used for those elementary school kids,” said Jarosek. “We are not seeing a bunch of those younger populations with these overdoses, but there are other people in those schools that the Narcan can be used for.”

Jarosek says Narcan is safe for all ages to use and once properly trained can be used by any age.

“You are just going to push this dispenser down and that pushes the dose,” Jarosek said as she demonstrated how to administer Narcan. “If you give it to someone and they haven’t suffered an opioid overdose it is ok, it is not going to hurt them.”

Narcan is co-located with AEDs so that it can be found easily on campuses in Round Rock ISD. The district has plans to add more doses to elementary and middle school’s soon.

The deployment of Narcan with AEDs began at Round Rock ISD high schools during the end of March with the help of the Round Rock Fire Department’s Crisis Response Unit.

Narcan has also been placed with AEDs at Granger ISD, Coupland ISD, Thrall ISD and Leander ISD elementary schools according to Williamson County.