SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KXAN) — A vaccinated Texas lawmaker urged others to get their shots after he, his young granddaughter and several other family members survived COVID-19.

Texas Sen. José Menéndez posted a two-minute video on Twitter Sunday evening to share an update on his and his loved ones’ conditions. The San Antonio Democrat first shared the news about his diagnosis on Aug. 13 after the coronavirus sickened him and his 14-month-old granddaughter.

“Take it from someone who’s gone through it: you don’t want to mess with this thing,” he said.

Sixteen days ago, Menéndez explained his granddaughter came to his house and experienced a spiked fever. They took her to an emergency room, where she got tested for COVID-19. The results came a day later, but in that time the highly infectious virus ended up getting him and three other family members sick.

Fortunately, he said in the video that all of his family members had mostly asymptomatic cases. His granddaughter dealt with a high fever and congestion, but managed to overcome those symptoms within a few days. However, his own case hit him much harder than the others.

“I unfortunately suffered very high fevers, chills, uncontrollable shaking, difficulty breathing, difficulty avoiding severe congestion, tightness in your chest,” Menéndez explained. “I believe that, had I had not been vaccinated, I’d probably be in an ICU, or I may not even be here.”

Menéndez is not the only state leader infected by the coronavirus recently. Gov. Greg Abbott shared his COVID-19 diagnosis last week, but he announced he’s now testing negative again four days after that initial positive test.

He ended the video by encouraging everyone who’s eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine as well as wear a mask in public to “stop the spread of this cruel and evil disease.”

Menéndez also thanked those who sent well wishes to him and his family while they dealt with COVID-19.