AUSTIN (KXAN) — During a late-night talk show appearance Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris called it “political theater” for Gov. Greg Abbott to drop off migrants outside her residence after they’re bused from Texas.

“They’ve fled great harm, and they are coming here seeking refuge. Talk about political theater, playing games with people’s lives, with their lives,” Harris told Seth Meyers on his show. “You know there were mothers with sleeping babies getting off those buses, and I just think it’s an absolute dereliction of duty.”

Abbott shared Monday that the busing operation he started has now sent more than 8,200 migrants to Washington, D.C., the most of the three northeastern cities where the drop-offs have happened. Several recent buses sponsored by the state used the vice president’s residence at the U.S. Naval Observatory as the destination.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management confirmed Monday that the state has spent more than $18 million so far on these charter bus trips for migrants that legally crossed into the country along the Texas-Mexico border.

Meyers asked Harris what the path forward is, and she accused Abbott of not helping to solve problems on the border.

“If you see a problem, and if we agreed to address it, then if you’re a leader, participate in a solution, right?” Harris said on the show.

“When we first came in office, the first bill that we proposed was for a pathway for citizenship, was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration,” she added. “Participate in the solution because we are offering solutions, but instead [there is] this gamesmanship with real human beings who trust us.”

Renae Eze, the governor’s press secretary, released a statement Tuesday afternoon reacting to what Harris said.

“The dereliction of duty is President Biden and Border Czar Harris’ refusal to uphold their oaths of office and secure our southern border,” Eze said. “The Biden Administration’s reckless open border policies have created an ongoing humanitarian crisis, as historic levels of illegal immigrants, terrorists, and deadly drugs like fentanyl surge across the southern border and into Texas communities. And just days ago when she came to Texas, Border Czar Harris still refused to go to the border and see their crisis firsthand. Until President Biden and Border Czar Harris do their jobs, Texas will continue bringing the border to them and busing migrants to help our overrun border towns.”

In addition to Texas, the City of El Paso launched its own effort in August to send migrants on charter buses to either Chicago or New York City. The city also opened a migrant welcome center so that people coming into the country could go there first once they’re processed by federal border authorities and receive assistance making travel plans to go elsewhere.

The mayor of Washington, Muriel Bowser, declared a public emergency in response to the number of buses arriving there with migrants. According to a news release from her office, this allowed her to create a new office to work with migrants and allocate funding to support the response. New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, issued a similar declaration, saying he expects the city to spend $1 billion on helping the new arrivals there.

Harris made two stops in Austin this past weekend to discuss abortion access and later raise money for Texas Democrats ahead of the midterm election.