AUSTIN (Nexstar) — A progressive Texas coalition is launching a new fund for district organizing aimed at fighting for voting rights, in response to what it calls GOP-backed “voter suppression” legislation. Republicans, on the other hand, call the bill necessary to protect “election integrity.”

Texas for All unveiled a six-figure investment on Thursday for district organizing. The group said it plans to “target areas to curb the rise of voter suppression in the state,” and will “fight for equitable voting access for all Texans.”

The coalition formed in June in response to state Republicans’ efforts to pass a sweeping elections bill that has been a point of contention for lawmakers. Democrats have dubbed it a “voter suppression bill” and say it will disproportionally impact minority groups and Texans with disabilities. But Republicans have said it will uphold election integrity and ensure security.

Val Benavidez, the executive director of the Texas Freedom Network, said this investment will help tackle the biggest issues facing Texans.

“We’ve watched Governor Abbott trample all over voting rights with his suppression session for far too long. It’s time Texans fight back—not just with words, but with organizing and action,” she said. “This is not just a six figure investment in organizing, it’s an investment in the future of democracy in Texas and around the country.”

The coalition is made up of several progressive groups, including the Texas Freedom Network, Workers Defense Action Fund, Texas Organizing Project, Texas Civil Rights Project and Planned Parenthood Texas Votes.

Macarena Martinez, a spokesperson for the Republican National Committee sent Nexstar the followings statement in response: “Texans overwhelmingly support election integrity measures that make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Their desperation is showing and it’s as pathetic as the Texas Democrats who abandoned their own constituents to try and pass a federal takeover of state and local elections.” 

According to a news release, the program is ready to go in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas so far.