AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Texas lawmakers are one step closer to enacting their plan for how the government will spend Texans’ money over the next two years.

The Texas House approved the conference committee report Thursday, a day after the Senate approved the plan.

The report is the negotiated version of the state’s spending plan, which totals roughly $248 billion.

It includes pay raises for Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers, increases the Healthy Texas Women Program by more than $10 million and includes over $30 billion for transportation updates. The agreed-upon language fulfills promises to maintain funding for public education.

The Thursday House vote was 142-6. The no votes were Democrats Alma Allen of Houston, Michelle Beckley of Carrollton, Jasmine Crockett of Dallas, Ron Reynolds of Houston as well as Republicans Jeff Cason of Bedford and Bryan Slaton of Royse City.

The vote in the Senate on Wednesday was 31-0.

Gov. Greg Abbott has line-item veto authority for the budget. He is expected to announce his decisions sometime in June.