ROUND ROCK, Texas (KXAN) — Allen West, a Texas GOP candidate, vowed in front of Round Rock parents and community members Wednesday that he would launch an investigation into the Round Rock ISD Police Department if elected governor.

It comes after two men were arrested in connection to a RRISD board meeting.

“Round Rock ISD coordinated with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, which was the arresting agency in this case,” a spokesperson for the district wrote when KXAN asked about the arrests Sept. 18. The same day the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office told us they “had no involvement in this case” but are listed as the arresting agency on court documents.

“If they continue to have a police force here at Round Rock, we will have an investigation into their authority and their jurisdiction — because I don’t think they have the ability to go out and do what they did,” West said, referring to the arrest of the two men.

The comments came during a press conference outside of a RRISD school board meeting where the board was expected to go into closed session to “meet in consultation with legal counsel to discuss the employment and performance of the Superintendent.”

Public documents did not specify what exactly was being discussed in regards to the superintendent.

Outside, West also promised that he would fight back against school boards that try to “rule” over parents.

“I will guarantee you this: if I am the governor of the state of Texas, you will not have any school district, any school board that tries to rule over you. I will make sure that they don’t have the funding and the resources and I will make sure that they are removed,” West said before the crowd.

It comes after a series of back and forth between some Round Rock ISD school board members and parents that has gone on for months now.

RRISD board members themselves have been split on whether the district should require masks, whether a board meeting that dissolved into disarray in September met the requirements set forward by the Texas Open Meetings Act, whether parents were lawfully arrested for their alleged actions during that meeting and whether some of the members of the board should be censured.

Dustin Clark and Jeremy Story were both arrested and have been charged with hindering proceedings by disorderly conduct, according to court records, for their alleged actions during that school board meeting. KXAN interviewed both men after they were released from jail. You can find that story, in full, here.

Both men were at the event Wednesday.

“We’re sick of it, we’re tired of it and we’re not going to stand for it anymore,” Clark said.

The district board voted in 2019 to form the RRISD police department.

“Our priority as Board of Trustees is to ensure the safety and security of students and staff in Round Rock ISD and work in partnership with administration and campuses to create safe learning environments for all,” Board President Amy Weir said at the time.