TEXAS (KXAN) — Before former President Donald Trump took the stage at a campaign-style rally in Conroe, Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott, who has already been endorsed by Trump, gave several remarks before the thousands and thousands of people that showed up.

“Donald J. Trump loves the great state of Texas and Texans love Donald J. Trump,” the governor started.

Abbott said Trump supports Texas oil workers and energy independence, he talked about the Constitutional right to bear arms and pointed to the former president’s support of law enforcement.

“I signed a law that will defund any city that defunds law enforcement in Texas,” Abbott said, referring to House Bill 9, which was signed into law in June 2021. “In Texas we support our law enforcement officers, period.”

He blamed President Joe Biden for the growing crisis in Russia and said Biden should be sending law enforcement to the border of Texas and Mexico instead of military members overseas. That was met with a “build a wall” chant to which Gov. Abbott held the microphone out to better capture.

Other Texas speakers included Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick who talked about the threat of socialism and the role Texas plays in taking a stand.

“We’re not letting anyone move in here from California or anywhere else and take Texas from us,” he said in front of the crowd largely decked in red. “It’s going to be a cold day in h*ll before the socialists ever take Texas.”

Attorney General Ken Paxton and Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller were also among the speakers.