AUSTIN (KXAN) — As Texas braces for the arrival of another winter storm, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out that the cost of airfare to Cancun is not the only price rising right now.

Cruz posted Wednesday morning on his personal Twitter account, “Inflation is out of control.” He then listed the words gas prices, food prices and lumber prices next to upward arrow emojis. He concluded the tweet by writing, “And tickets to Cancun are up 32%!”

The tweet received mixed reactions online. Some Twitter users expressed amusement about the airfare comment, saying it shows Cruz’s sense of humor since it makes light of his trip to Mexico last year at the height of the previous winter storm. He flew with his family to Cancun in Feb. 2021 at a time when millions remained without power and water across the state. He later returned home after much uproar and called the trip “obviously a mistake.”

Cruz previously joked about taking the Cancun trip during remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference a few weeks after last year’s Texas winter storm and again in a November tweet.

This latest social media post also stirred up much of the criticism Cruz faced last year, with people this time describing it as “insensitive,” “unhelpful” and “not funny.” State Rep. Gene Wu, a Houston Democrat, tweeted, “Let’s reminisce about that time you abandoned the state when we were going through a catastrophic natural disaster that took the lives of 700 Texans.”

After Cruz posted his tweet, the word Cancun trended Wednesday afternoon alongside the hashtag #TexasFreeze.

KXAN reached out Wednesday to Cruz’s office to ask for comment about why he tweeted this and whether he has any response to those saying online that the Cancun mention is inappropriate considering parts of Texas are bracing for another winter storm. KXAN also asked if he had a broader message he wanted to share. Neither Cruz nor anyone from his team has provided a response yet. KXAN will update this story when we receive a response.

While his personal Twitter account featured other jabs Wednesday at CNN and Spotify, Cruz’s official Senate account shared advice several times about how Texans can prepare for the impending winter storm. He tweeted a link Wednesday afternoon to a website displaying power outages monitored by the Public Utility Commission of Texas as well as other resources, like links to where people can find road and weather condition updates.

To help people prepare for the storm, KXAN also published a list of different things they can do to get ready for bitterly cold temperatures and ice accumulating on roads and power lines Thursday. Another continuously updated list includes the dozens of school districts throughout Central Texas canceling classes due to the expected wintry weather.