AUSTIN (Nexstar) — Trade deals with China, Mexico, and Canada are raising hopes for many Texas farmers and ranchers. Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller is predicting a big boost for the Texas economy.

“Basically, you’ve got back-to-back home runs for agriculture,” said Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. He said the deals could open new opportunities for the state’s farmers and ranchers.

“Texas beef will start rolling to China any day now,” Miller said, referencing how the new agreement lifted restrictions that limited exports from Texas. Miller said the USMCA also opens markets for Texas producers.

“We’re going to get our wheat into Canada now, our milk products, dairy products, wine,” Miller said. “Everything in rural America will benefit from this.”

Commissioner Miller is also touting hemp farming in Texas. He has called hemp a new cash crop for Texas. Miller is hosting a public hearing Wednesday to get input on new state rules for growing hemp.

“We couldn’t move ahead until the USDA came out with their proposed guidelines,” Miller explained.  The comment period on the hemp rules has been extended, and Miller says he hopes people take the opportunity to speak out.

“Give us your ideas. You know, every good idea I’ve got usually come from someone else,” Miller said. “We’re taking everybody’s good ideas, and we will have the best set of oversight and guidelines for hemp farmers of any other state.”