AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Republican Party of Texas reported an increase in the number of people wanting to run in the state primary next year.

Cat Parks, the Hamilton County GOP chair, joined KXAN political reporter Phil Prazan and digital anchor Will DuPree on KXAN Live Monday morning. She confirmed that the Texas Republicans experienced a 15 percent increase in candidate recruitment this year.

Prazan also asked Parks how Republicans plan to fend off Democrats who flipped seats in 2018 and now have their sights set on gaining the majority in the Texas House of Representatives.

“Everyone needs to take your races seriously,” Parks said. “No one can sort of rest on your laurels and have this happen. That’s fair.”

KXAN previously talked to an official from the Texas Democratic Party about its outlook for the elections next year.

The Texas primary will happen on March 3, 2020. The two parties in 13 states will hold their primaries on that same date, which is why it’s known as Super Tuesday.