AUSTIN (Nexstar) — During Sunday night’s Cowboys game, viewers in Texas saw an ad paid for by the Don Huffines Campaign, where Huffines himself promises a Super Bowl win for the Cowboys if he’s elected Governor.

“When I’m your Republican Governor, Texas will stop the illegal invasion at our border. And I’m not asking permission from the federal government. We will put prayer back in our schools, restore our culture, and that Cowboys would get another ring,” Huffines said in the ad.

A spokesperson for Beto O’Rourke’s campaign responded to the ad, stating, “Republicans like Huffines and Abbott are responsible for the ‘invasion’ rhetoric that the El Paso shooter used to justify massacring 23 Texans less than two years ago. Abbott and Huffines are one in the same. Both are too extreme and cynical for Texas and neither will lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.”

Governor Greg Abbott’s campaign has not yet responded for comment.

While this may be one of the only times in recent history a politician has gone as far as promising a Super Bowl win, the Cowboys have been part of some ads in the past.

That includes a Doritos commercial back in 1995, when former Texas Governor Ann Richards quipped the Cowboys always won when she was governor. However, she didn’t promise any wins, and it was not a campaign ad.

More recently, a former Cowboys player got involved in a political ad directly. Former running back Herschel Walker cut a radio ad in 2020 for former President Donald Trump.

Walker said in the ad, “If you love America and want to make it better, Donald Trump is your president.”

This year, Walker announced he would be running for office himself. He’s running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, and has the support of former President Trump.