AUSTIN (KXAN) — Rep. John Bucy III (D-Austin) recently filed legislation to provide a $10,000 pay raise to state employees, according to a news release from Bucy’s office.

Bucy, state representative for House District 136, filed H.B. 202 to raise the pay, which would increase the gross salary for Texas state employees by adding a raise of $10,000, including those working at an institution of higher education, the release said.

State employees and retirees held a news conference at the Capitol Wednesday to show support for the legislation, the release said.

“This session we must give state employees a raise,” Bucy said. “That’s why I filed H.B. 202, to provide for a $10,000 raise for Texas’ state employees, including a proportional raise for part time employees. With a budget surplus and billions more in revenue anticipated, we must get this done.”

According to the release, it has been over a decade since an effective, across-the-board pay raise was provided to state employees. While state employees received a raise in 2015, it was designed to absorb the increase to their pension contribution.

“What we thought was bad, the recent report from the State Auditor made clear is an unsustainable crisis,” Bucy said. “As legislators we rely on state employees to provide critical services and support to our constituents. It’s well past time we give them a raise that reflects the valuable work they do for each of us every day.”

In 2022, Texas’ state agencies saw the highest turnover in a decade, with the most common reason cited by employees being poor pay and insufficient benefits, the release said.

Over the past 10 years, statewide turnover rates ranged from 17.5% in fiscal year 2014 to 22.7% in fiscal year 2022, the release said.

Furthermore, understaffing at state agencies affects wait and response times for collecting unemployment and enrolling children in Medicaid. Additionally, this also contributes to dangerous conditions in jails and hampers the ability to address needs for children in foster care, the release said.