AUSTIN (KXAN) — The impeachment trial for suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton entered its second week Monday.

Here are a few takeaways from Day five of the trial:

1. Jury could begin deliberations this week

The prosecution and defense each have about 14 hours left to present and defend their case, as of Monday morning. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said both sides could run out of time by Thursday, meaning the jury of senators could begin deliberations Thursday or Friday.

Patrick also said the jury will meet every day until a decision is made.

2. Another whistleblower testifies

Mark Penley, another whistleblower and former deputy attorney general for criminal justice, took the stand Monday morning. He was one of the whistleblowers who sued Paxton, later leading to the impeachment trial.

He said he thought it was “very suspicious” that Nate Paul sought legal advice from the attorney general’s office. Penley said he told Paul to consult his legal counsel.

Penley described several discussions and meetings that happened in 2020 with Paxton regarding Paul and shared the concerns he had throughout this time.

3. Paxton chief of staff testifies

Katherine “Missy” Minter Cary was the second witness of the day. She worked for four different attorney generals and was the first female chief of staff after Paxton took office.

Cary said she learned about Paxton’s affair after overhearing a woman at Galaxy Cafe in Austin describing personal details. She said she took a photo of the woman and met with Paxton privately to ask about her. Paxton told her she was a realtor, which she later learned to be false.

She said she told Paxton that his affair could lead to ethical, political and legal risks.

Related to Nate Paul, Cary said more than half of the attorney general’s executive staff was dedicated to Paul matters.

4. Former Travis County DA employee testifies

Gregg Cox, a former Travis County District Attorney’s Office director of operations and current Hays County first assistant district attorney, also testified Monday.

Cox said he looked into a record request in October 2020 related to Paxton and Paul. He said there were possible criminal offenses including bribery, abuse of office and conspiracy. Those offenses were primarily subject to Paxton, Cox said.

He said Travis County backed off the case because of the federal investigation.

5. Former Travis County DA testifies

Former Travis County District Attorney Margaret Moore testified about the matter Cox mentioned earlier. Cox worked at the DA’s office while Moore was in office.

Moore said her first assistant and another associate met with Paxton, Paul and an attorney to discuss a complaint, but said the allegations reported to her “were ridiculous.”