AUSTIN (Nexstar) — The approximately $35 billion Texas is set to receive under the newly-signed infrastructure bill comes at a time of need, according to transportation industry leaders.

The federal funds will be allocated over the next five years, going toward for roads, bridges, pipes, ports, broadband access and other projects after President Joe Biden signed the $1 trillion bill Monday.

“The need for action in Texas is clear,” a White House fact sheet read. “For decades, infrastructure in Texas has suffered from a systemic lack of investment.”

John Esparaza, president and CEO of the Texas Trucking Association, welcomes the investment — saying he predicts headaches like the I-35 will only become worse without significant upgrades to the state’s highways, roads and bridges.

“With the expensive and expansive growth in Texas, freight is only on the rise. Population is only on the rise. There’s going to be continued pressure on our infrastructure,” he said.

According to an national analysis by QuoteWizard, Texas ranks 11th in the nation for worst road infrastructure. Twenty-two percent of the state’s roads are considered non-acceptable, according to Federal Highway Administrations standards.