AUSTIN (KXAN) — Long winding lines of people could be followed to the gallery of the Texas House of Representatives Saturday, as many waited for a seat to watch the House vote on impeachment for Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Many of those in line were supporters of Paxton, donning stickers with the now-suspended Attorney Governor’s name to stand in solidarity with him.

Kathie Glass was among those that answered Paxton’s call to show up at the Capitol for the vote. She echoed similar sentiments Paxton has made since the impeachment announcement.

“One could call it a coup. They’re taking over, they’re trying to change the outcome of an election. They’re trying to disenfranchise voters like me, who voted for compassion just four months ago,” Glass said.

Those in favor of impeaching Paxton also attended the weekend vote. Kay Wolking Bratton said she arrived at the Capitol at 11 a.m., and stayed until the vote just before 5 p.m.

“I don’t care what party he’s with. He’s abused the system and he needs to work for all Texans, not just those who voted for him, and he has not done that. This is long, long overdue,” said Bratton.

Now that the House has voted to impeach Paxton, Glass and Bratton say they’re waiting to see if the Senate will hand down a similar outcome.

“I thought the evidence was very lacking, and the process was not transparent, and he just won’t hold water,” Glass said.

“I honestly don’t know. You know, I haven’t thought that this was like this was the next step. So we will see,” Bratton said.