AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a 40 minute long interview with Kara Swisher on “Sway” a New York Times Opinion podcast, Matthew McConaughey talked about everything from how he thinks he’ll die to his favorite bumper sticker to whether or not he’s actually going to throw is hat in the ring for governor in Texas.

“Where can I be most useful? Is politics an embassy for me to be of the most use to myself, to my family, to the most amount of people in my life moving forward?” McConaughey said in the interview after Swisher pushed him to explain what he meant when he said he was “measuring” a run for governor.

McConaughey said he is learning more about politics and trying to see if he can make more change there, or as a private citizen.

“I’m also noting where I’m going, eh, don’t know about politics. Ooh, is that a place to make real change, or is it a place where, hey, right now, it’s a fixed game. You go in there, you just put on a bunch of Band-Aids in four years, and walk out, and they rip ‘em off when you’re gone. I’m not interested in that,” he said.

When asked about Texas’ more recent political landscape, including the abortion bill, COVID-19 protocols and SB 1, the election integrity bill, McConaughey, as he has in the past, did not commit to a stance on anything he hadn’t previously discussed.

“This is not a big deal with the masks. That one seemed easy to me, early,” he said. “Yeah, now, the abortion— this new SB 8, six week abortion ban— I’m not going to come out and tell you right now on this show, here’s where I stand on abortion.”

The law bans abortions once cardiac activity is detected, which could be as soon as six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women know they are pregnant.

McConaughey did say he felt like the implementation of Texas’ new abortion law was “a little juvenile.” He also said he didn’t like that the law didn’t make exceptions for rape or incest and that it can be implemented as early as six weeks.

So you might be wondering about the alligators thing.

“I have a very last question. You talked about how your father died, and he predicted his death, he called it spot-on. Do you ever think how you’re going to die?” Swisher said.

“I got a feeling that I’m going down as part of the food chain,” McConaughey responded. “It was — the dream was gators.”