AUSTIN (Nexstar) — With Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial in a few days, nearly 50% of registered Texan voters think it is justified to remove him from office based on the actions he took as attorney general.

Data collected through The University of Texas’ Texas Politics Project from a survey from August 18-29 illustrates this. However, between Republicans, Independents and Democrats, those opinions differ.

An overwhelming 71% of Democrats answered yes to that question. In comparison, only 42% of Independents said yes, and a much lower 24% of Republicans said yes.

Instead, about 43% of both Independents and Republicans’ opinions on whether it is justified to remove him from office answered, “they didn’t know” or had “no opinion”.

The Texas Politics Project asked a similar question earlier this summer. June’s polling data showed that overall, 50% felt impeaching Paxton was justified, 17% thought it was not justified, and 33% held no opinion. The poll director described the differences between the June and August polls as “not statistically significant.”

However, one major statistic that has changed is Paxton’s approval rating. Only 27% approved of the job he’s done as attorney general, while 46% disapproved. This is the lowest Paxton’s ever had in 14 polls conducted since April 2021.

Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial is set to start Sept. 5.